Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Holy Horse Manure Batman!

Ok, no elegant, tear provoking writing tonight. Doug and I have been working very hard to prepare the garage, create a computer slide show, organize the food, yadda, yadda, yadda and we were thinking that we have a pretty good handle on things; until...the neighbor! We live next to a young, single guy and his buddies. They have not put the yard in yet, after at least a year...the blowing sand is destroying our tree row; we'll handle it. He has half his deck stained, for a year; we'll handle it. But this, this aweful, pungent smell...NOT going to handle it!! Tonight, he pulled a very long, very dirty, very smelly, not cleaned out horse/cattle trailor into his yard - you know, conveniently parked in the space between our house and his! Picture it, It's a beautiful night in rural south Bismarck, our windows are open, a cool breeze is lofting through the house and WHAM! There it is! That smell!

I can just see it all play out...Saturday morning our guests will be arriving for strata, quiche, muffins, juice and horse manure! Well let me tell you...that trailor WILL be moved if I have to hook it up to my suburbian, glacial blue minivan and pull it out myself!!! There is absolutely no way THAT is going to ruin all the planning, back aches and sleepless nights!

Stay tuned...Will Batman and Robin foil the evil bachelor's plan to ruin the sweet Lexie's graduation celebration? Or will the evil bachelor's horse trailor drop it's "load"?

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