Monday, May 11, 2009

Looking Back

A while ago I decided to put together a slide show of Lexie to be playing during the open house; with Lexie's permission, of course.

Surrounded by photos of the past, I can actually hear her giggle and smell her shiny clean hair just after taking a bath. The laughter and the tears overcome me. When your first child enters your life people are constantly telling you to "enjoy this time, it will go so quickly", at whatever particular stage you are currently in. And as a new mother, you think, "nah" or maybe it's, "YES, maybe I'll finally get some sleep". A word of caution, they are all RIGHT!

Lexie and I have been through many storms, she and I and Doug; side by side with God's neverending Grace. For that I am sure. Inspite of it all or perhaps better said, is, because of it all, Lexie has grown to be a most beautiful creature. Audacious and tenacious all in one breath! She is intelligent and whitty, lighthearted and generious. Avid reader, writer, dreamer and an amazing seamstress. Bragging, not really, just standing in the truth as a very good friend has taught me how to do this year. Thanks Carrie!

The memories overwhelm me and I have to pause and wonder...what will the next chapter bring her? College, new friends, new opportunities, new challenges. Doug and I pray for her, pray for guidance for her. Whatever the Master Author has in mind for this character, she is up for it!

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